The timeless classic for lovers of art and whisky.

The Art in Whisky the first in a series of lavishly illustrated, luxury art books, exploring the provenance of fine aged spirits from around the globe.

Taking you on a captivating visual journey, the book travels the rocky shores of Ireland, the windswept island of Islay, through the heartland of Scotland to the tropical heat of Taiwan, taking in the unique oak woodlands of Spain and finishing up in the forested foothills of Japan.

The Art in Whisky aims to whisk you away to anywhere that evokes the origin of a dram of whisky in your mind as you turn the pages.

The unique photographic voyage celebrates, illuminates and demystifies the world of whisky as seen through the eyes of the acclaimed, award-winning photographer Jon Purcell.

From grain to bottle and all points in between, the odyssey begins in whisky's Celtic spiritual home, then tracks across seas and continents as Jon investigates production, looks behind the scenes and meets some of the characters involved in the crafting of this most enigmatic of spirits.

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