{pronounced: spi-radj}

Origin: Irish/Scotish Gaelic. Meaning: ‘spirit’.

There are certain things in this world which are comprised of a distinctive provenance: a provenance of time, location and/or essence. These are things that inspire collections, passions and obsessions.

It is the unique combination of the elements of this provenance that creates something exceptional and desirable. We established Spiorad in pursuit of capturing these elements and embodying them in a series of exquisite, handmade, luxury books.

Our releases combine the beauty of painstakingly shot, artful photography with artisanal, bespoke production processes, using only the finest materials in order to create the ultimate representation of the underlying subject matter.

In the making of our books, we travel the globe to capture the very essence of the topic and bring back truly unique imagery. Along the way, we pick up a wealth of insight, stories and anecdotes, all of which you will find intertwined throughout our publications.

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