Future Releases

The Art In Whisky is the first of many projects to come, all with the same ultimate goal of conveying the true essence of something unique, to you, our passionate readers.

In the making of our books, we travel the globe to capture the very essence of the topic and bring back truly unique imagery. Along the way, we pick up a wealth of insight, stories and anecdotes, all of which you will find intertwined throughout our publications.

Our promise: whatever our future endeavours may be, the input will always be authenticity, and the output will always be luxury.


The world is falling in love with rum all over again. Often misunderstood, this molasses-coloured liquid is steeped in tradition, and a colourful, though not always honourable past, from its origins in the plantations of Barbados to a spirit now savoured by connoisseurs.

This once humble libation, distilled from the waste of the booming sugar trade in the 1700’s is now amongst the world's top four spirits, and its popularity continues to increase steadily. This book will open up its vibrant domain and uncover the reasons for this acclaim.


From its beginnings on the Ohio River in the late 1700's Kentucky has always been synonymous with the production of this particular liquor. Recognised by Congress in 1964 as America's Official Native Spirit, Bourbon's popularity around the world continues to skyrocket.

This book will explore in depth, the time honoured tradition of making the distinct, mellow, liquid gold.


Once just the modest tipple of Bandidos and Rancheros, Tequila has gradually become the fashionable choice of young urbanites across the western world. Rooted in Mexico's colourful history, culture and style the story of Tequila is one of myths, legends and a few surprising facts.

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